I’m a freelanced photographer, film-maker based in Hochiminh city, Vietnam from 2014. I was born in Vi Thanh, Hau Giang Province in 1985. I spent almost my childhood there. But when I grew up, I moved to Hochiminh city for University studying. I worked in TV Production companies for nearly 6 years after graduated where I found out my passion in photography. I bought the very first camera for myself by a small loan from the bank. I studied it with all the curriousness, love and innocience. Day after day, I had a feeling that I musted follow my dream to become a photographer. I took alot of photographs, shared them to everyone and got back the joy of giving. The camera gave me a chance to travel to many places around the globe. I feel thankful for that and keep telling stories about places where I’m going be to.

In 2015, I published a photo-book telling stories about the journey to seek for happiness of young people around me. A single dad, a single mom and a gay couple with their own specific situations. But they still find way out to live, to raise their children and to look forward to a brighter future.

In 2017, I’m planning to publish a second photo-book about traveling. It’s places where I’ve been to such as India, Tibet, Burma, China… As my wish, all benefit from selling this book will be sent to the fund of Dalat SOS’s Children Village.

Tâm Bùi